Beatnik Termites Pleasant Dreams 8track *now shipping*

Beatnik Termites Pleasant Dreams 8track *now shipping*

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This is a presale for the beatnik termites Ramones cover album originally on selfless records pleasant dreams on 8-track.

Only 27 will be made in gray cartridges, gray will not be used for any other release in the series it'll be exclusive to this one. 

Boris the sprinkler is red, McRackins White, Beatnik Termites Grey, MTX will be yellow when releases later this year. 

These will be hand numbered 27 copies only.

Set to ship out in late March or early April. 


We are releasing McRackins at the same time. 

So if you would like to get both please look for the listing where you can get $5 off each copy when you order both ! 


Also check out Spot McRackins solo album we put our last year! 

All sales are final.